Symptoms of heel pain may range from sharp shooting pain to heel discomfort. In some cases the heel pain may be described as a tingling, burning or numbing sensation. Very often, the culprit of the heel pain may be some internal derangement of the bone such as a heel spur,a tight ligament, swelling within the bone or a stress fracture. Pinched nerves in the ankle may also manifest as heel pain associated with tingling, burning and numbness of the heel and/or parts of the foot.  Pinched nerve roots in the lower back may also affect the foot along with parts of the leg and thigh resulting in altered sensation and muscle function. In these cases, proper physical examination and appropriate diagnostic testing may be needed to determine the source of the problem.


Treatment for heel pain may include but not limited to activity modification, shoe modification, icing, medications, physical therapy, rigid orthotics, selective injections with steroids or surgical decompression of the pinched nerves.  A qualified podiatrist will be able to direct you towards proper treatment. Call us if you are dealing with heel pain and we will be happy to help!

Dr. Fui Dawson
Podiatrist in Marietta, GA, Dr. Fui Dawson, is a Harvard trained Foot & Ankle Specialist treating patients in Marietta, GA and in the surrounding communities. Our clinic, Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia, offers treatment for all foot and ankle conditions.

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